Macular Degeneration

Hi Dear Ones...a couple of months ago I posted on my 91 yr old dad's use of frankincense AROUND (NOT in) his eyes & on his brainstem.  He started the regimen of applying the oil several times a day after receiving a laser treatment which is designed to help stop the bleeding behind the retina.

When he was re-checked by the retinologist in April, the computerized pictures showed no new bleeding which was great news!  I'm happy to report that his latest exam on June 10th continues to show no new bleeding which, according to the doctor, is a "most unusual situation!"

Typically the laser treatments hold the bleeding at bay for 2-3 months & then more laser is required to stop new bleeding.  It's been 5 months since his last laser treatment & this news is VERY good!  Also his vision went from 2400 to 2200 so there is mild improvement there as well.

The funny thing is when she dictated the info into her recording device during our presence, she indicated the latest info.  Even tho' she's been
told about the use of frankincense oil & knowing his condition is very
uncommon, she did not mention it in her report which is being sent to dad's opthamologist.  She did tell us "off the record" to continue doing what we're doing since it's working!

I just wanted to share this ongoing news w/you since it may offer encouragement to another who may have macular degeneration.  I'm hoping his next visit in August will also prove successful & perhaps we can begin calling dad's condition "Macular REGENERATION" ... LOL!!



A friend of mine has migranes so bad he has almost lost his job because of them.

I gave him a 5/8 dram bottle with 20 drops of peppermint and 20 drops of basil (I didn't have any M-Grain) and he hasn't missed a day of work since. He just puts five drops in his hand and rubs a bit on each temple, a bit across his forhead, and then rubs that hand with the oil on the back of his neck... then rubs his hands together, and breathes for about a minute. He says they haven't gone beyond a "twinge" since he has had the oil.


Lana Writes:

My father-in-law fell at Walmart a year ago and has had trouble with his knee ever since.  I used Pan Away, Aroma Siez,Ortho Ease, and Cypress on his knee.  Within minutes his range of motion was better and the pain was completely gone.  It stayed better for a couple of days and then started hurting again but he still had the range of motion.  I treated it again a week later and his pain has been gone about a week.


A friend of my son's has very large breasts and her mid-back has constant pain.  I did a raindrop on her and her symptoms eased for a week.  I'm trying to get her do one every week and see if we can get the pain to go away completely.  This same friend cut off 2 warts and then put some kind of wart remover on them - well she was in horrible pain and it got infected (besides all the chemicals she added to her system).  We used Pan Away for the pain, Thieves for the infection and they are almost healed (she even had dead flesh where the wart remover had gotten down into the flesh of her finger).  Her skin is real tight on 1 finger so now that I have Lavender, will try that for her skin.

My mother's neuropathy pain in her feet is eased with Pan Away.  Her restless leg syndrome is responding well to the Super Cal.  Before we got the Super Cal, we used Aroma Siez and Ortho Ease to rub her legs with and that also eased the symptoms.

A friend hurt her low back so I did the raindrop on her.  As soon as I put Valor on her feet, she felt her low back ease.  Her pain was gone by the time we finished the raindrop and did not come back.


We're still working on Mary's spondylisthesis - she was out of town, etc.  She said her pain level was getting better but wasn't gone.  She was also recently in a car accident so she went to the chiropractor and we will resume the raindrop technique tomorrow night.

OK, that's all I can think of for now - I know I have more and will get them to you soon.

Thanks for all your help!

Richard's testimonial on Food poisoning:

Finally in December of 1996, I got over my 'snake oil' attitude due to my own experiences. This testimonial was the 'clincher' for me.

"Back in my 'doubting days' I got food poisoning as a result of a restaurant sea food dish.

Within a 2 hours of eating I was going from both ends and just kept it up for 4 hours. Oils didn't stop it. Then Shauna read in an old 'symptom guide' book  (there was no such thing as Essential Oil Desk Reference we have today) to take 6 drops of Di-Tone in cup of warm water....swish in mouth and drink that point I was so sick I would have drank anything. The nausea stopped and so did the diarrhea within a minute and I went to bed and fell off to sleep.

About 3:30 in the morning I woke up and thought to myself 'I am alive and I am not sick'. Then went into the bathroom and turned on the light. I was totally red from my feet to my head....and I knew I was going to die. I woke up Shauna and said look at me.....she smiled and then laughed and said 'dummy' what is the largest organ of your really didn't think it was so funny)....but she did.

The Di-Tone killed the food poison inside and the only way it could get out is through my skin....I looked like I had the measles....had some itching....took 3 days to get back to normal in how I looked....but I really felt just fine.

This was the clincher that finally got me involved with Young Living....for this was the 3 rd time in my life I have had food poisoning and the other 2 times took at least 2 to 4 days to get back on my feet.

We know how blessed we are to be involved with a company that does things for the right reasons and is a product and educational driven business.

Hope this information can help many of our team members, but remember our body chemistries are all different....that is why we all need to experiment and see what works best for each of us

Dave Writes:

I just had to get this off to you, I hope this finds you all in good oily health.
This lady called me I had left a tape with, told me her tape player was not working, that she needed some help cause she was really hurting from arthritis.
So I took my tape player with peppermint with Panaway along with a sharing package. I played the missing link tape for her, while playing I noticed she was hurting real bad so I put 4-5 drops of Panaway on one of her wrists almost instantly I could see the relief she felt. She told me that was the first relief she had in about three weeks since the flare up started.
Tomorrow when she gets her soc security check she is going to order the essential 7 kit to get started.


Have a Great OILING Day!!!

Dave Bobst

Carol Writes:

Several days ago I burned my self behind my ear...and it was extremely painful. It was red, swollen and throbbing. I sprayed it with Lavaderm and within seconds the pain began to subside, within 10 minutes the pain was gone, and within an hour the swelling was gone, and all that was left was slight redness. No blister developed and by the next day it was completely gone. I only sprayed it 3 times throughout the day, this product is AMAZING.
I am so excited about sharing Young Living with the world. I am so grateful to God for discovering YLEO. Thanks so much for your encouragement, and oil, oil, away...............

Have a Blessed day
Carol M

Brady Writes:

KidScents Bath Gel & Lotion
My son, Lane, is now six months and has wonderfully soft healthy skin; however, for the first three months of his life he had a rash that would cover his neck and most of his chest. The doctor prescribed hydracordizone cream which took care of the rash only temporarily. I was very uncomfortable about using this ointment, so I thought I would try the Kidscent bath gel and lotion hoping that it might help the problem. I found that it didn't just help, but solved the rash problem. Lane's skin is still sensitive to different soaps lotions and detergents, and when ever he develops a rash the lotion soothes his skin and cures the rash.

Orthopedic Pain
Here are some testimonials on Valor from my clients including my own. I have also added some other uses of Valor at the end. Valor is truly an amazing oil. Definitely one of my favourites. I will be sending out more testimonials on Valor as they come in.

Client 1
The best investment I've made in my life was to purchase Young Living's Valor oil blend.
I began by purchasing the Essential 7 kit since it is also a first aid kit (especially for summer and when you have a family to take care of).
My husband hurt his wrists and collarbone while working out. We tried everything from massages to pain relieving drugs. Nothing worked. I began applying PanAway from my Essential 7 kit. That brought a bit of the pain down, but eventually, it finished as well. He continued to live in pain and agony.
I, meanwhile, was seeing a chiropractor for adjustments because I was suffering from sciatica pain and it was getting worse as my second pregnancy continued. My visits would leave me broke by the end of the month. Then I decided that I would sacrifice some visits and use that money to purchase Valor since I was told it is a Chiropractor in a Bottle. I began applying it on my feet first, then spine tailbone, followed by my left thigh and knee (which suffered from torn ligaments due to a car accident). After one month, I still did not have sciatica pain and had not visited my chiropractor.
One day my day's activity included lifting heavy boxes, my son, a long walk in the mall, and grocery shopping in preparation for my delivery. When I came home in the evening I was crying of sciatica and severe knee pain. My husband took Valor, dumped 30 drops of it on my back and thigh, and massaged for 40 minutes. From not being able to walk from my bedroom to the door, I could walk my whole apartment!
The next day, I decided to use Valor on my husband''s wrists and collarbone. In a few days, he was relieved of his pain and went back to working out after two months!
Mehjabeen Fatima Abidi

Client 2
I have had a whiplash injury about fifteen years ago. During the time since then I have always had neck pains, stiffness, tightness and much creaking and cracking, sometimes deliberately in order to release the tightness or stiffness. About eight years ago I simply sat in a chair and caused a sprain of a lumbar vertebrae. I have had pain constantly. I could not bend forward without great pain or without being able to straighten up. I started using one drops of Valor, and essential oil blend by Young Living, twice a day, every day on my neck and my lower back. I did this for 3 weeks and all discomfort disappeared. It is now 3 months later and still there is no pain, discomfort, stiffness or tightness. I believe that Valor is effective in spinal injuries.

My own story
Beginning January 2003 I started getting facial pain. The pain could be in the jaw, in the chin, in the cheeks and in the forehead. It got to be so excruciating that I could not function. As a mother of 3 and with a busy practice plus taking care of the home, my stress levels tend to be high. It turned out I had been clenching my jaw so much I had TMJ. Knowing that Valor is helpful for physical misalignment I massaged Valor on the jaw point and my forehead and experienced such sweet relief from the pain. I continued doing this for a week as the pain came back but to a much lesser degree. I was painfree after that.
Also one day I was in a room where 2 doors on opposite ends were open and cold air was wafting between them. By evening my back had gone into spasm. 6 drops of Valor mixed into some olive oil and rubbed on the back gave me incredible and instant relief.
What do people who suffer pain on a daily basis do without such effective products. This definitely belongs in each home. Valor can be used for babies and children as well.
Here are some more uses for Valor:
It can be used as a facial moisturiser
It can be used as a deo
It can be used as part of a protocol for emotional stability
It is an important part of the Raindrop technique
It gives a feeling of strength, courage, and protection
The Essential Oils Desk Reference describes Valor as the following:
Valor helps balance electrical energies within the body, giving courage, confidence, and self esteem. It has been found to help the body self-correct its balance and alignment giving relief of pain. The oils is this blend empower the physical and spiritual bodies to overcome fear and opposition when facing adversity. Valor has been touted as a chiropractor in a bottle. It has improved scoliosis for some in as little as 30 minutes, while other individuals require several applications. Valor has also been shown to change anaerobic mutated cells back to their aerobic natural state.

Insect/spider bites
Over the weekend our oldest daughter brought some of her family to visit. One of our granddaughter's had a bite from 'something' we think a spider. Her little arm swelled up and was red.
We had her use purification every 10 minutes. Also used Idaho Balsam Fir several times. Within 3 hours the redness was gone, but there was still a little bump with white showing through. When they left last night is was almost gone.
We have learned when 'something' attacks us....we use more oils more often.
Surely glad we have these great products to help us stay well and to assist when 'stuff' happens to us.

Back/spine/disk problems
Shauna helped her mother with this problem 7 years ago....when we were just learning. She used Panaway, Lavender, Birch (now wintergreen replaces Birch) neat on her mother's back between her shoulder blades. She taught her folks to put the oils on 3 times a day. We saw improvement within 45 minutes, but knew it would take she had her keep using for 3 months. Today her mother is just fine. (Also today we would use other oils like Idaho Balsam Fir, Aroma Siez and many others.....)

Insect/spider bites
I was bitten by a Black Widow Spider about 5 years ago on my wrist...grabbed the Purification and put on about every 5 minutes for an hour and then 15 minutes for the next two hours. The pain subsided and swelling was gone and all was well after 3 or 4 hours.....was amazing!

Shauna doesn't have to wear her glasses for distance. I asked her what she thought helped and she felt Frankincense (she was using this around her eyes and on her brainstem....being careful not to get it in her eyes) was the one....but to this day she has no idea because she uses all the products.

Hi. This morning I was slicing onions for an omelet and sliced my thumb. It was a deep gash that was bleeding profusely. I yelled to my husband to get the lavender, which he brought pronto. He took one look at my thumb and said, "You need stitches- let's go to the ER". I told him to just put a drop of lavender on it, which he did. I wrapped a paper towel around it and applied pressure. It really started burning! After about three minutes, the pain subsided and there was very little blood on the paper towel. I unwrapped my thumb, and it looked fine! The gash was closed and there was no bleeding. My husband put a drop of Melrose on it and wrapped it with a Band-Aid. That was about 30 minutes ago. He cooked up the omelet (joking that my crisis was just a ruse to get him to do the cooking), which was delicious. I have absolutely no pain and am on my way to yoga.
Our oils are a true God send!

Linda S. Chandler
ALSO last year we had these experiences with a daughter and children. By-the-way, they are coming here Monday June 30, to stay a week or so.....wonder what will happen this year.

Experience #1 July 5 th, 2002
Our daughter's son Ethan (2 year old) slammed a drawer that held the silverware on his mothers hand which drove two tines of a fork all the way through his mothers finger and nail a third tine of the fork cut her finger. This was on her left hand middle finger.
Richard just happened to be in the kitchen when this happened. Within seconds he grabbed his peppermint he always has in his pocket and our daughter's hand and poured the oil on it for she was in agonizing pain. He held her hand in his....with blood....flowing. Shauna came running back into the house and out came the full collection of oils....PanAway, Melrose, Idaho Balsam Fir, Lavender, and Helichrysum where the main oils used. After applying all of the oils to the wounds....the pain eased up. Our oldest daughter, Rachelle, started working with Trauma Life on her younger sister Trina to settle her down.....working the oils on her temples, brain stem, and making her inhale it.
Within about 5 minutes the bleeding had completely stopped and the blood Richard had cupped in his hand had turned into a globe. In other words it is amazing to see how these oils stop bleeding.
Then of course Shauna has to take pictures. Oils were continually applied to prevent infection and to help regenerate the tissues. Then a light gauze bandage was applied and we instructed Trina to just keep dropping a few of the oils down inside the gauze every hour.
Yesterday when we took the bandage off we were bruising or redness.
Others who were here who did not know about Essential Oils were absolutely amazed at what we were doing and were even more amazed that Trina's finger (today it has been two days) has not fact all it look like today is two little pin pricks.
Experience #2 July 5 th
Trina's little two year old boy, Ethan, who did the slamming of the draw on his mothers finger crawled up out of his crib and fell on his head which gave him a mild concussion. Oils again to the rescue....and now we have run out of PanAway....ouch... Also Lavender was used. Within a half hour he was asking for something to eat and running around the house and helping Grandpa ride the 4 wheeler.

Experience #3 July 6 th
Trina's boy Ashton cut open the top of his head....deep.....and more blood flowing. Again oils to the he is fine.
In all we have had smashed fingers, bee stings, bumps and bruises, sun burns, burnt fingers and both Richard and Shauna are wore out.
Which leads us to the 'reason' we are so focused with Young Living.
Young Living plain flat blesses peoples lives!

don't know if this will help, but i just found this out.
i have a allergy to barkdust. it brings on my asmtha that i have not had problems with since i started to use oils. for some reason when this happens i start coughing and then the mucas starts. when it happened this last time i was getting worried as i was getting the heavy metal taste that goes along with pneumonia. the mucas was starting to change color, not a good sign. used to get that every winter until i started using oils. you had a note about someone using Hyssop oil for lungs. so at nite i put 2 drops of hyssop on my chest and went to bed. i get up around 6am. i had been coughing hard from the moment i got out of bed. this morning i did not cough once until 8:30am just as i was getting to work. i am still using it as i don't feel as out of breath when i use it. this was last week this happened. so until the neighbors are not using bark dust any longer this summer i will be using 2 drops of hyssop morning and nite. this works so well i would not use another inhaler if it was given to me. thank you again for helping me learn about all the great things Gary is making.


Thank you Sara for sharing this:
Hello to All:
I use with success all the time:
I use Regenolone every night and it is gone! I would not be without this formula for myself. Being Diabetic my feet seems to be the weakest spot on my body even though the pancreas is doing great at the moment. The feet remind me of the trauma over the years.

Sometimes changes in my body will cause inflammation of the nerves then I use this Formula:

Juniper 6 drops
Patchouly 6 drops
Aroma Life 6 drops

Yes it works like a gem. It feeds the nerves a little stronger potent formula.

Hope this helps,
Sarah Montagna, CNHP CR


I listened again to the tape of "live with pasion" and there is a man, who has serious heart condition, rhythm problems and a huge heart, so that the doctors didnt know any cure for him.
He took Powermeal, befit, Cardiacare and Wolfberry(I suppose the Berry.Young Juice) for 14 days, and his heart went back to normal rhythm, then he continued and after 6 months,the doctor couldnt find anything wrong.

For your friend for support,
love you Prakama

Hi Group,

In our family's experience, Hyssop is a MIRACLE oil when it comes to anything lung related!

We put drops in a capsule, (two or three for a child...ten for an adult...then we fill the capsule with Olive oil) and insert the capsule in the rectum and go to sleep!
In the morning, usually 80% + of the ailment is gone.
We have never had to do more than two or three nights of capsule insertion!
Just wanted to share!

Jessica Wild

Insect bites
Up here in the Rocky Mountains we are prone to have wood ticks seek us out. Saturday night our son in law came in with one that had buried his head into his arm. Shauna grabbed a bottle of Purification and dropped on the tick and you should have seen the 'little fellow's' legs working to pull himself out. Think it only took about 5 seconds and Tick was out of his arm. Then she put another drop on the area the wood tick had dug is hole. By the way the tick was dead within 1 minute after coming out.

Don't leave home without your Purification.
Rich and Shauna
Several years ago we wrote:
Dear Sha-Faun Team
Its the deer hunting season in our area...... Our son in law bagged a 3 point buck..... Went over to check it this morning and it was covered with ticks.... put them in the bottle. Put 3 drops of Purification....they were all dead within one minute. That's what I suspected would happen.....but as usual we had to see it. Use your oils...not chemicals and pesticides or drugs.

First letter posted 11/21/02

Hello to Everyone,

My right artery below the big stent (#3) had a 90% blockage and I now have my 4th stent. I had no warming as I do don't suffer angina - however, my family noticed the gray color that my skin starts to turn just before another episode and another one of my mad dashes to the hospital.

I am okay - just tired from the hospital overnight visit.

I went to the Good Sam Hospital at 1:00 PM on Wed, Nov 20 for the scheduled 3:00 PM catheterization and there just happened be 2 heart emergencies and I had to wait. Finally at 6:00 PM my catheterization revealed another episode of my heart - Dr. Gordon immediately did the balloon thing and then inserted a stent.


Follow-up letter posted 12/5/02

My doctor "thinks" it is my "bad LDL" (God did NOT make bad cholesterol). My LDL always been around 140 but with the oils I take in capsule form (2 caps 2 times a day) I have lowered my LDL to 95 (suggestion is to keep it under 100). I do not have long strips of plaque collecting in my arteries - just spots here and there. My TC - cholesterol - is always around 171 which is considered excellent since it is well under 200.

I refuse to take the prescriptions (synthetic chemicals) but do not tell my doctor as he is an excellent mechanic handling the catheterization tools in the operating room. My doctor thinks the prescription lowered my LDL but it has been the essential oils as it is the ONLY products I am taking orally for the past 10 days.

I received the following formula from Dr. Terry Friedmann (our upline) just 10 days ago -
12 drops of Thieves
6 drops of Oregano
2 drops of Frankincense

in capsules which I do daily. Dr Friedmann used this formula in his private practice as a Homeopathic practicing physician in Phoenix before he retired. His patients who were suffering from nose, chest colds and viruses in the blood would make excellent recoveries within one to two, or three days as result of taking this formula.

I have a glass eye dropper and use a lead crystal drinking glass for making the formula daily and buy my gelatine capsules from TWIN LABS at a health food store. The gel caps will not dissolve with the essential oils in them. I use "O" size instead of "OO" size capsules.

What I believe - what Dr. Friedman suggests - and what my Nanobac Labs report revealed - I have a "bug" in my blood - a bacteria that is apparently irritating the walls of my arteries in different places and causes the cholesterol to collect and eventually causes blockage.

My general health (age 73) is excellent - almost NEVER sick - 203 pounds and need to be at 190 pounds - all metal left knee replacement in August, 1999 due to injury in college basketball in 1951 - and both eyes have lens implants due to cataracts.

I now have 4 stents in my heart arteries - 2 in the left artery and 2 in the right artery. I play 2 - 3 sets of tennis (doubles) everyday. I DO NOT SUFFER ANGINA. I HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE OF BLOCKAGE UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE and it is then discovered through the catheterization procedure that I have a 90 to 95% blockage of an artery. I have excellent energy. My health and energy level is responsible for my success in building a large business in Young Living Essential Oils. Also, I am not afraid to make decisions and not afraid to make mistakes which is necessary if you want to be a success at "anything" you do in life. Why am I telling you all this "stuff" - it is so you will get on this formula regardless of you health condition. CLEAN YOUR BLOOD !!!!! Because I have enjoyed EXCELLENT health (outside of a few physical corrections) - hardly ever sickly - yet it APPEARS I have a "bug in my blood".

Whether or not you having knowledge of a "bug in your blood" you need to get these oils and equipment and start taking this formula.

JUST SAY YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heart follow-up
Frank writes:

Hello to everyone -

Just received from Dr. Friedmann and pertains to my previous email regarding the formula (12 drops of Thieves + 6 drops of Oregano + 2 drops of Frankincense) Read and Use with caution !!!!!!

Dear Frank,

I just received a copy of the e-mail sent to your Young Living Group referencing subject "My heart" on December 5, 2002.

Allow me to clarify the situation. The prevailing belief regarding cardiovascular disease is that there are a number of risk factors, which contribute to atherosclerosis, hypertension, elevated LDL cholesterol, and elevated homocysteine, being three of the factors. However, there is presently significant scientific
evidence that a major factor in the production of atherosclerosis is the progression of the blockage which happens as a result of inflammatory disease of the artery, and specifically, the internal lining.

The causative microbial agents have even been identified and are found to be clamydia pneumoniae, cytomegatovirus, and helicobactor pylori. Consequently, my antimicrobia formula would be beneficial in these conditions. In regards to nanobacter, the jury is not yet in as to whether or not this bacterium is a causative factor or for that matter even exists.

Furthermore, regarding my antimicrobia formula, my strong belief is that with the exception of CVD, such as you suffer from, this formula should be reserved for chronic bacterial, fungal, or viral infection, or for acute viral and bacterial infections, which could "slow you down" or lead tomore serious complications. In other words, use this formula only in specific serious situations rather than preventive or maintenance, because we are dealing with a "powerful battleship" here! This
formula should not be given to children 10 years or younger. I believe we are facing in the near future some deadly serious infections of epidemic proportions, which may threaten millions of people. We are certainly seeing an abundance of more widespread diseases right now. Examples are the West Nile virus and the gastrointestinal diseases of the commercial cruises.

I believe it appropriate to send this correspondence to the same people who received your message on December 5, 2002, so that they too may have more clarification on what I believe to be true. Stay alert, but have your defense.

Best regards,

Terry S. Friedmann, M. D., A.B.H.M.


And one more problem taken care for her is arthritis in her hand using peppermint. She bought some peppermint off of me after I visited her and was drinking peppermint water. She tasted it and wanted a bottle for herself.( I also demonstrated how to treat a headache with the oil one day on her) She said she remembered about the headache and that I used peppermint on Charles A LOT when he first came home after the accident and tried the oil for her pain in her finger joints. It has worked wonderfully. I "believe" she will be signing up soon when she is ready for more products.

You were absolutely right. I have been hurting with arthritis the last 4 years. Altho I have been using a few of the oils and keeping the pain at bay while I was working, I have not had the relief I was looking for until I started taking Sulfurzyme. The first day I started taking the Sulfurzyme I started to feel less pain. Now after only 2 days more I feel pain free. I'm almost 64 but I feel about 30. Just wanted to say Thank God and Young Living for all the products that we have to better our health. I guess my favorite oils are Lavender and Thieves, but all of them are marvelous.
Thanks again for all your help.


Sulfurzyme has been a miracle in my life. I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis about 5 years ago in cervical spine (neck region.

I did use cypress, wintergreen and panaway, Birch etc., but it was always temporary relief. This last summer I started taking Sulfurzyme in capsule form, a couple of months went by before I realized I did not have any pain in my neck. And am to this day, pain-free.

This product has been a GOD-send for me. I was in enormous pain for ten years with my neck, right down to the bone. Sulfurzyme did the job for me.

Paula Nugent

Ankylosing Spondylitis

A blend of the following EO's may provide relief; 8 Marjoram, 7 Birch, 6 Juniper, 19 Eucalyptus, 6 Ginger, and 3 Peppermint. Also many people have found that Pane Away works well by itself. Single oils to try for arthritic pain include Ginger, Birch, Red Thyme, Marjoram, and Lemongrass. An excellent massage oil to try is Young Living's Ortho Ease. Ortho Ease has been used in European hospitals to help relieve muscle cramps and arthritic pain, and to give relief to sports injuries.
Here's my story:

I have had Ankylosing Spondylitis, an inflammatory arthritis of the spine, since 1982, (I was 22), when my SI joints started hurting. (Actually it might have started when I was nine or ten, since I had a lot of severe pain in my feet back then.) I have tried many alternative treatments over the years. I have had difficulties with most of the prescription drugs. I had allergic reactions, or my stomach couldn't handle the medicines, or they didn't work. I used to be curled up in a fetal ball after a few hours in bed, and I was always looking for a position that would alleviate the pain. No matter how many hours I spent in bed, I would wake up feeling exhausted. I always had to drag myself out of bed, and I was low on energy all day long. To be able to keep going and doing my work, I used caffeine, and I could get home at the end of the day feeling a strange and unpleasant mixture of exhaustion and being jazzed on caffeine. To "come down" I usually had some form of alcohol, a glass of wine or a bottle of beer. My neighbor introduced me to the oils, and I placed my first order for the essential oils in early May '99.
The day they arrived I put them on right away, and I smelled them all (I got the Essential 7 and the Golden Touch 1), I woke up the next morning feeling transformed! I went to bed at midnight, slept all the way through the night and woke up at 7 the next morning, full of energy and ready to go. I had such a sense of my body having been cleansed! My symptoms are now greatly reduced. I am sleeping well, with no pain, and there is an overall sense of well-being that I have
not felt for years.

Instead of waking up every morning feeling exhausted, I now I wake up in the morning, able to lay comfortably on my back with no pain! That is a miracle to me. I actually feel rested after a night's sleep!

My favorites for pain are PanAway, Relieve It, Valor, Spruce, Birch, Peppermint, and also White Fir, and sometimes Basil or Aroma Siez. I use a lot of others as well, but those are my top choices, along with Ortho Ease. Also, I no longer need to use the oils for pain very much anymore, I am doing that much better now. I used A LOT of PanAway in the beginning, now I only rarely need to reach for it! I should add I take MSM on a daily basis, twice a day if I remember! (and about 2 tsp per dose) and enzymes with every single meal I eat.

My energy levels are way up.
Boel Stoddard

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Collection of information and testimonials on Rheumatoid Arthritis. This was sent by a friend and I want to pass it to our group. I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was 2 years old (I am now 35).

In the last few years I have begun to search for my own answers asI kept getting the same old answers and results (none) from "mainstream" medicine. I began to use YL essential oils and supplements in February of 1999. Even before that I had done some experimenting withwhat kinds of foods were contributing to my health problems. So, using theoils and supplements helped and when I ate the right foods too I saw upto 80% improvement in my arthritis symptoms. Now after being onthe supplements and being consistent with it for several months, I still have improvement on my arthritis symptoms, probably around 50% evenwhen I don't be really careful about what I eat. Now the really amazing part...on Saturday, 1/29/00, around noon, I bought some of the new ProMist spray and started using it immediately. I felt it start to work within 15 minutes. By evening my joints were starting to feelbetter. By the end of Sunday, my friend who traveled to Dallas with me was having trouble keeping up with me walking in the airport. By tuesday evening, I lifted my daughter up over my head and put her on my shoulders without any pain or struggle (She weighs 38 pounds.I am really excited to see what happens when I continue with the ProMistand other YL products that I have been consistently using and I get mydiet where it belongs!!!! That brings up another thing that I noticed. While we were in Dallas, I ate without worrying about calories or food allergies or any of that. I ate desert and bread and all thatstuff that I usually can't get away with. When I got home and weighed myself, I was at the lowest weight that I have been since before my daughter was born (she's almost 3). AND what's even more COOL is that my taste for that stuff that isn't good for me (sugar, caffeine, etc.) is disappearing rapidly. This stuff is amazing! You gottatry
it for yourself!!!


Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis

> Just heard a friend was diagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatica. Any
> testimonies on this?


I don't know if the following will help, but this is what I have which sounds close to your description. Jeannie------------------------ I wanted to write just to Thank Everyone at Young Living Essential Oils!!! A friend of mine knew how sick I was and introduced me to Young Living Essential Oils. This was my last resort! I had Lupus in its last stages and with that I had Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Needless to say I hurt all the time. There was never a moment that I wasn't in pain. The doctors had prescribed Tylox, Demerol, Loritab 750 plus muscle relaxers that I took 2 ever 4 hours along with pain medicine. I alternated the pain medicine according to the extent of the pain. I can remember being so bad my husband had to put a towel around my neck and pull me in place in bed and get me back up. He was afraid of leaving me alone so we had a girl that stayed with us most of the time to help me. The doctors didn't know what to do with
me. I can remember one day at the doctor's office my blood pressure had skyrocketed to 195 over 130. They wouldn't let me leave and I lay there while they worked to get it back down. When I got in extreme pain it always elevated my blood pressure sky high. Due to all my health problems I had to quit my job 1 1/2 years ago and just recently because we were looking at me being in a wheel chair all the time we had to move. The house we had was not wheel chair friendly. My health the past 2 years had just been on a landslide downward. I even got double pneumonia on top of everything else. Now the GOOD NEWS!!!!! I have been using the Young Living Essential Oils now for 2 months and am happy to report I am out of PAIN!!!!! I can not express my joy enough. Even went to a hockey game - no wheel chair was needed. I started with the Young Living Essential 7 Kit. My husband calls my oils my American Express card - doesn't go anywhere without them. I used Young Living Essential PanAway Oil, Young Living Essential Relieve It Oil, and Young Living Essential Lavender Oil for
the pain then added Young Living Essential Present Time Oil for the Lupus. At first I used Young Living Essential PanAway Oil every 20 minutes. Now I use it just once or twice a day. I've ordered different oils for specific things. I put Young Living Essential Peppermint Oil on my ears as it is fantastic for nausea. I am off all my pain medicine. Don't even take Motrin or Aspirin, and NOW feel I have a life again. Thanks to Young Living Essential Oils. I recently ordered Young Living Essential Mineral Essence. I take 2 droppers in the morning in orange juice and 2 droppers in the afternoon. I could not believe how much energy it gave me. I ordered 2 more bottles - 1 for my mother and a spare for me. I don't want to ever run out. Some of my friends have had migraine headaches and I have put
Young Living Essential Oils on them. In less than 5 minutes their headaches are gone. I am enjoying driving again for the first time in almost 2 years. Not only was I physically not able to drive but with the amount of pain pills I took each day I was considered DUI. I since have even drove to Panama City and back. (Editor: 318 miles round trip)
Thanks to Young Living Essential Oils.

Cindy Sweet,
Mobile, AL

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Would there be a problem using lots of Prenolone cream daily? A family member is rubbing the cream all over her husband's hands, feet, shoulder, wherever his arthritis has been paining him because the cream, together with PanAway has brought total relief from over 30 years of rheumatoid arthritis pain. Just the oils (PanAway, Birch, White Fir, Relieve It) decreased his intense pain slightly, but with just PanAway and the cream his pain is gone.


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Relive It with Orthosport applied on top is one of my favorites for knee pain and it is particularly good for Arthritis, This is basically what I used on my client in New Orleans with Rheumatoid Arthritis. ...........the person who we saw have the pain go away and knots go down. After applying the oils we applied hot compresses.
This also works for elbow and hand and back pain. We often think of Panaway for pain, but sometimes Relieve It does a better job and is cheaper.



My husband has osteo-arthritis. Before we found YL he dealt with arthritic pain had become a part of his life. He also has blown the cartilage out in his knees a couple of times.
Liam doesn't experience the pain daily anymore, just now and then and usually after some heavy exertion.
When Liam needs immediate pain relief he goes for the PanAway and Relieve it and applies one after the other. He usually has immediate relief of pain. For example, one night a long while ago the pain was keeping him awake at night. I putjust one drop of PanAway on his knees and told him to tell me when he started feeling better. About 5 minutes went by and I looked over from the book I was reading; he was fast asleep. THAT is what told me his pain was gone!

Sometimes if he does exert himself I will do hot compresses using several oils. I usually start with Valor, and then add birch, panaway, relieve it, cypress, peppermint and whatever seems to pop out at us. I apply the hot towel in between oils and this helps drive the oils in. We always make sure to have him move around after this type of application since being motionless afterwards can bring about a stiffness.

AND last but not least, the addition of both PowerMeal and Sulfuzyme to his daily diet has done wonders with his arthritis as well. In combination with the oils, they help to keep my husband's pain completely at bay. If he skips a few days, he begins to feel the difference.

Be well,
Be well,


We have been using Sulfurzyme for almost 3 years now....Shauna's joint and arthritis pain is history...our hair has filled in....and our nails grow twice as fast as they did before starting to use this product. We both take 3 heaping teaspoons+ a day. The Ultimate support for Muscles, Joints, and Skin! Below information came from Dr. Young and Dr. Ron Lawrence. Sulfurzyme is a break through formula that combines pharmaceutical-grade MSM with Chinese Wolberry. Sulfurzyme combines MSM, a natural form of sulfur found in all living organisms, with Chinese wolfberry, a revolutionary superfood from Inner Mongolia. According to many health professionals, this product has the potential to revolutionize how millions of people deal with chronic pain, inflammation, and allergies. According to Ronald Lawrence, M.D., Ph.D., MSM works by restoring flexibility to cell membranes and slowing down the breakdown of cartilage. "It also inhibits the transmission of pain impulses along the nerve fiber". "The results we have been seeing with this product is mindboggling," stated D. Gary Young, N.D. "What makes this product different from the other products is the exceptional purity of MSM we use. This pharmaceutical grade MSM in Sulfurzyme is light years away from the low-grade material imported from Asia. Unfortunately, a great deal of the MSM sold in the U.S. originates from Asia."
"I believe that the key ingredient that make Sulfurzyme so effective is the Chinese Wolfberry. With over 18 amino acids and 21 minerals, the wolfberry is one of the most nutrient-dense foods known" stated Dr. Young. "Few people realize that in order properly metabolize the sulfur in MSM, the body requires minerals like molybdenum. When these are missing, MSM does not work as well. This is why wolfberry is so important."
Dr. Lawrence agrees. "What makes Sulfurzyme unique is a combination of high-grade MSM and Chinese wolfberry. The therapeutic potential of the two together is enormous."
"I intend to make Sulfurzyme a central part of my practice," Dr. Lawrence added. "I expect to see results that will far surpass that of traditional MSM formulations."
Dr. Ronald Lawrence, M.D., Ph.D. and author of 'The Miracle of MSM' stated " Sulfurzyme is, by far, the best MSM product currently available. I highly recommend it for all of my patients.
Sulfurzyme code 3243..... 300 caps $49.00
Sulfurzyme code 3241.....Powder 8 0z. $39.00
We recommend the powder....they have now added 'Stevia' it tastes GOOOOOD! Just stir it with some Cranberry juice or Grapefruit juice.....but most of the time we just drink it with distilled water.
Pay attention to this product.....It is a 'magic bullet' for all of us.


Must be the time of year....many requests on allergies....Elaine shared this with us a couple of years ago.
Elaine shares her experience with the product (Allerzyme)
Thanks Elaine!
Dear Richard & Shauna: I never had allergies until this August and September. At the Young Living convention I purchased most of the new products and among them was Allerzyme. I tried 3 capsules and hoped for some relief of itchy eyes and a runny nose. In 5 minutes I noticed major relief and it lasted about 4 hours. I am a believer in Allerzyme. I always carry some in my purse to help others find fast safe relief.

Elaine Jay Finster,
Golden CO

Dear friends,
Richard and Shauna are the ones that we recieve the experiencs from. I am deeply grateful to them for their sharing spirit.
Dennis Lars Skogen
Richard's Ignorance and Pride .... written by Richard and updated 6/13/03.
Since we have many new members added to our team we are sharing some of our mistakes in building our Young Living hopes you can learn from our experiences.
Most of you know Shauna is the reason we got involved with Young were not going to get me to believe in 'snake oils'.

1. Would not accept that rubbing on an oil would do any good + all supplements were about the same.....and everybody sells them.
2. I was too good to do MLM...NWM!! I had seen too many people get burned, companies going out of business, disappointed with 'me to products', and I hated the idea of someone trying to convince me that 'fortunes' could be made by drawing little circles on a blackboard explaining the compensation plan.
3. I felt that MLM....NWM business was a fraud.....and not real business at all (I still do with most MLM....NWM companies)
4. I dragged my feet for about 8 months before doing this as a business.....and really Shauna wasn't excited about the business anyway.....but she 'loved' the products.
5. I wasted precious time 'doubting' and not 'sharing'. Most of our family and friends just 'laughed' at us and still do...."no way could these products be as good as you say they are'' all know the 'fear of rejection.'

I found out the YL products WORKED! Shauna showed me one 'miracle' after
The swelling in her foot she had for 45 days was gone in 45 minutes by rubbing on the oils, a grandson off an inhaler in 15 minutes, Shauna's mother's herniated disks totally healed up, stopping of fevers in minutes, spider bites healed in 2 hours...(that I had)
My Chronic Fatigue gone, Shauna's distant vision returned to normal no glasses needed, warts gone, stomach poison gone in a few hours....etc etc etc.
OK THE PRODUCTS WORK! I finally agreed.
This is where we were in December, 1996....back then there was very little literature or books to read.....but we purchased everything we could get our hands on, videos, cassette tapes....and STUDIED! Then experimented then studied more and experimented more.
Why MLM ..... NWM? He looked right at me and said 'I am looking for leaders and messengers.' Then went on to say 'you do not have to know what I do to be a leader and messenger'.......then he said 'NWM and MLM is the best way to get the word out to the world'.....especially representing Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Supplements,Hair and Skin care products.

We dropped our other business interests and 'FOCUSED' on building our Young Living Distributorship.....we agreed after 'tears' from (Shauna) that I would take the business side and she would take the 'science and application' side....Oh, why the tears? We had no other income coming we borrowed from family and friends and went to work......All Shauna could see is no ability to pay any bills and we would be in debt the rest of our lives...(it was also on our minds that we had been forced into bankruptcy in 1995 through a past business venture that completely undid us....physically, emotionally, and financially).....BUT, we knew from our few months experiences with the oils, supplements, and skin and hair products these 'really worked' and we could not deny it.
Shauna said to me..."I will never see $500.00 a month from Young Living" (she has).....then she said "I will never see $1000.00 a month from Young Living" (she has)....then she said "I will never see $5000.00 a month from Young Living" (she has)....then she said it again "I will never see $10,000.00 a month from Young Living" (she has).....NOW SHE HAS LEARNED TO 'NEVER TELL ME NEVER'....and she is not being the skeptic now.
Please FIND YOUR REASONS why you choose to build your own business.
For in your reasons you will find success.

If you are and experiment....learn the products.... If you are choosing to do Young Living as a business....then FOCUS! If we had not made the decision to go full time with Young Living back in December 1996 we doubt very few of you would be members of Young Living today. We have personally sponsored well over 1000 distributors since we started our business.
This business is more about 'helping others' and making a difference in this life. Don't get us wrong....$$$ are very important to keep us helping our organization with newsletters, emails, telephone calls, welcome packages, travel, and meetings. This is a business of helping others to succeed!
We have grown because we 'chose' to do so....(after Shauna convinced Richard the products were real and after Richard convinced Shauna we could do it full time as a business)....we rolled up our sleeves and went to work and have never looked back.
By-the-way, the secret to building your business:
Desire and Communication
Thanks for being on our TEAM and for all your hard work.
Richard and Shauna Dastrup Sha-Faun Enterprises LLC

Back problems

Thank you Sondra for sharing this....Gary told us that Idaho Balsam Fir has many properties like Helichrysum and we have yet to find how marvelous this oil are finding out.....this is wonderful news.
Sondra writes:
Hi Rich and Shauna;
Just want to share a fun discovery from doing a Raindrop Treatment today, using Idaho Balsam Fir.
This is with a client who comes in weekly and has chronic back problems, (post lumbar disc surgery and matching scar).
I applied Valor to begin with, as usual. Then I tried something new. I applied V-6 oil to create a lubricated base, then about 8 drops Idaho Balsam Fir across spine, feathered in, then lightly massaged for better distribution. I then applied the rest of the Raindrop Oils, as usual.
By the end of the Raindrop Treatment, when it was time to massage her back, my client's muscles where incredibly relaxed...We've been doing Raindrop Treatments weekly for almost a year, experimenting with different techniques. This was the most awesome one yet!
Also, I think the surgery scar has diminished about 40- 50%. WOW. I used to do cross-fiber massage to help soften it, but haven't done anything for several months. The only thing we've been doing different is using Balsam Fir as one of the Raindrop oils several weeks in a row. Could the scar be shrinking from use of the Fir? Worth a try for someone needing that relief.
I really love Idaho Balsam Fir. Maybe we could have a contest of most incredible Fir Stories--the winner gets a case--I'm always out of it!!!
Please feel free to share with 'The Team'.

Have a Sunny Day!
Sondra Shepherd, LMT, NCTMB


Due to the questions and challenges on 'fungus' problems we share this post again from Debra.
Rich and Shauna
One of the real 'joys' of this business it the quality of people who 'truly' are dedicated to helping others. Debra is an example of this and chooses to share her knowledge and experience with all of us.
We suggest you print this out and use it for helping others who are 'struggling' with Fungus problems.
Thank you Debra!
Debra writes:
Dear Richard and Shauna,
As you know in my Herb & Essential Oil business I write a monthly newsletter with information on using herbs and essential oils to achieve or maintain optimal health. I also have a private practice or should I say "Consulting Service" where people can come for education concerning their health challenge.
Over the last month I have been helping a man with a systemic fungal infection and wrote a brief case history to share with my readers, and I thought the rest of the Sha-Faun Team might enjoy another oil success story.
NutriTech News, November 2001
Having a fungal infection is not only bothersome, but if left unchecked it can lead to systemic fungal infection in the blood stream. This can then develop into a host of other health challenges.
The fungus generally likes to take up residence on the skin, between toes where it is moist, like in the case of athletes foot. Sometimes it will grow under the nail bed, and I have even seen cases of fungus on the forehead, arms and legs.
It usually starts with a blotchy appearance of white spots on the skin. The texture of the skin then becomes rough and dry. If untreated it will then become scaly, develop sores, and bleed. Most of the time the area is very dry and also itches. But as bad as it sounds and feels, fungus can be cured in a relatively short time, without the use of pharmaceutical medications.
The following program was developed for a gentleman that had systemic fungal infections all over his body, and in his blood. Due to the severity of his fungal infection, this program is very intense.
When Mr. A first came to visit me and showed me the multiple areas of fungal infestation, I''ll have to say it was the worst case I had ever seen. My thought was, I''m so glad that I have access to the best herbs and essential oils available, because this is really bad.
His attitude was a bit skeptical, after all, for thirty years he had tried all the medical community had to offer to no avail. The strongest most potent anti-biotics didn''t even make a dent. I don''t think he really thought natural means would help, but to please his wife, and just incase, he was willing to try anything.
We used the BTA system to get a picture of his overall health, and then after an hour or so of consulting with him, we proceeded to get the oils going. I had him use the therapeutic essential oils of Oregano, Thieves, Melrose, Purification, Abundance, and Lavender, applying several drops of each ""neat"" to the effected area. He was instructed to repeat this at least twice per day.
Orally he was to put 4-5 drops of oregano oil in juice to drink daily. He took the digestive enzyme formula with meals, and a very potent protease enzyme to cleanse the blood was taken twice daily on an empty stomach.
Just one week later he called to get more oils. He said he was feeling better on the inside and out, and when he returned in 21 days his skin was remarkably better. Several smaller areas have already completely cleared of the sores, and his skin is back to normal in some areas.
Mind you this man has tried everything over the past 30 years to no avail. Using natural therapeutic grade oils, plant enzymes and herbs, we were able to kill the fungus and feed his body the nutrients it needed to get well.
We also used a 3% solution of food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and Epsom salts in the bath to wash the infected area two or three times per week, and for general detoxing.
This man has passed the fungus to his daughter, who is just beginning to show the signs of the infection. She will be following Dad using the same protocol.
Not only is the fungal infection clearing up, but getting rid of a problem that has plagued him for 30 years is giving him a better outlook on life.
You too can have victory over health challenges. Don''t be discouraged if you don''t get the results you want overnight——some challenges take more time than others. Your mental outlook and faithfulness to the program, all generate into results.
P.S. You can not grasp the severity of this man's fungal infection unless you have seen it. Thankfully he is a photographer and has taken photos of his progress.

Thank God and Gary for the BEST oils.
Debra Raybern, MH, CNC


Rebecca shares:
I have a two great Thyroid success stories. My son was able to go off his medicine completely after using Myrtle and Thyromin. His Doctors were impressed. :-)

I have had a small nodule (?) on my Thyroid for years, the doc wanted to remove my thyroid at the time it was found but it was very small and not giving me problems.

Since I moved I am using city water (chlorine!) and I can feel my Thyroid swelling and tender. I began using Myrtle and Thyromin and it's fine. I will usually use the products for 2 days and not again until the water affects it - about every two weeks.

So...I am a believer in Myrtle and Thyromin!

When I was working with my son I put the Myrtle on the bottom of his feet and focused on the neck of the big toe I also put it on his throat and ears. I got out my reference book and applied everywhere I thought might be related to the thyroid.
I also gave him 2 Thyromin right before bed with water.

His blood levels were checked before he went off the thyroid medicine and 30 days later, at which time they were normal! :-)
I had his blood tested again 2 weeks ago and thyroid levels are great! It's been about 1 1/2 yrs. since he has gone off the medicine.

When I treat myself I put the Myrtle on my throat and take 1 or 2 Thyromin at bedtime with water. I haven't been to a doctor to have it checked in many years but I can tell when it's inflamed and when it's normal again. I'm convinced the city (chlorine) water is aggravating it.

Be Blessed!


Cystic Acne

I just wanted to let you know how much I love the new product.

I shared at the Regional meeting with Gina Killpack that I was diagnosed with cystic acne in '91 and have had some horrible craters on my skin that has been a thorn in my side for years. (I'm grateful to have loved to wear makeup)

Anyway, when I didn't have makeup earlier today, I was noticing how much better my face looks and that the scars are going away. I asked my Mom to give me her opinion and she was amazed at how my face looked.

This is actually the first time in my life that I feel that I could leave the house without makeup and still feel like I don't look too bad.

Thank you Young Living.
A truly life changing experience.